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Download Wendy Pretend Play Dress Up & New Kids Make Up Toys (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 08 February 2019, Duration: 09:38, Quality :2D HD
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Description: Wendy pretend play with her dress up and new kids make up toys! Wendy wants to be a beautiful princess. She is getting ready for the party and styles her hair, paints her nails, and puts on make up. She had a bad dream that she didn’t know how to put on make up. She wakes up and finally gets ready for her real party. She uses her makeup toys to make herself look beautiful!
Tags : wendy, pretend play, dress up, makeup, kids toys, make up, fun, funny, kids make up, toy, makeup toys, kids video, for kids, for children, girl toys, toys, toys and colors, video for kids
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