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Download Hi Boy, You returned my cellphone, Can I repay you with my hot body? (2D HD)

Uploaded Date: 21 June 2019, Duration: 04:31, Quality :2D HD
Comments: 940
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Description: Description: Hi Boy, You returned my cellphone, Can I reward you with my hot body? 描述:大兄弟,你捡了我手机,我用肉偿行吗? ——电影 Movie: Magic Phone 魔力手机 Eng Sub

Full Movie Address: -D1A

Plot Summary: Movie "Magic Phone" is about a series affairs were caused by a losing phone.

故事简介: 电影《魔力手机 Magic Phone》讲述了一个由一部手机引发的一系列匪夷所思的”爆炸性”事件。原配与小三,女人与权力,激情与暧昧,盗贼与毒贩。故事情节跌宕起伏,引人入胜又耐人寻味。

出品 Produced: 星火兄弟影业 Star Brothers Film
导演 Director: 贾凯 Jia Kai
主演 Starring: 王森, 毕通, 张梓玲, 宫双
题材 Feature: 剧情 #Drama, 喜剧 #Comedy

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